Where to begin? There are so many people who made important contributions to Mantra for Murder that any thank-you is bound to include serious, if unintended, slights and oversights. Having said that…

My thanks to Lieutenant Michael Logghe of the Ann Arbor Police Department and former Michigan State Police officer Thomas Garvale for their patience and professionalism in answering my many questions.

Special thanks as well to Professor Elliott Soloway, graduate student Leilah Lyons, and computer security specialist Peter Honeyman, all of the University of Michigan. And a deep bow to former Qi Master Gabriel Chin. Any factual or technical errors that appear in this book are mine alone and were made despite—and not because of—the information they provided.

Sincere appreciation to Bev Harris and her intrepid colleagues at  

Heartfelt thanks to all the friends—you know who you are—who encouraged me and cheered me on at those times when I seriously doubted that Karin Niemi would ever complete her adventure. Deep gratitude as well to Catherine, Penny, Lucille, Eva, Ellie, Frederick, Julie, Raven, and Steve for their intelligent, insightful and helpfully critical readings of the manuscript.

Thanks to the late, great Albert the MagnifCat, for agreeing to this limited return engagement.

Thanks to Steve Maggio for his brilliant design work and helpful comments.

Above all, thank you to Tom, who—although he’s never actually read a mystery novel himself—was quietly and completely supportive as I endeavored to write mine.

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