Diary of a Hack: Day Eleven

Yesterday, I had a conversation with the one who got away.

No, not that kind of "one who got away." This "one" is a media planner by the name of Matt. He had left a phone message ten days ago, early in the morning. Before I knew anything about the hacker mess.

Problem is, his message was so brief and so obscure, I simply assumed it was a cold call--just one more clever salesperson hoping to make an in-person pitch. And given the fact Fitzgerald Communications never makes media buys for clients, the assumption made perfect sense. So I felt very comfortable ignoring Matt the media planner.

It wasn't until yesterday, when I was playing back the 19 or so messages that had accumulated over the past week and a half, that I stumbled on Matt again. And this time, of course, his words had a completely different meaning. 

 "Hi, Linda, just wanted to speak with you quickly before we get everything rolling. Give me a call at your convenience."

Get everything rolling? As in--oh no, could it be--as in ad placements?

I called Matt immediately and introduced myself as the real Linda Fitzgerald from the real Fitzgerald Communications. After a brief exchange, it came back to him. Ah yes. That Linda.

Turns out that Matt had been targeted in the Spark Communications scam last fall, so he's been on high alert since then. This despite the fact that his firm actually got $10,000 in up-front money from the scammers. Hmmm... so it wasn't quite the perfect fraud after all.

And, as he explained, there were too many details that simply didn't make sense. So, no, he didn't bite. And, yes, I could put away my worst fears.

For the time being, anyway.

 My God, but I'll be glad when this is finally and fully over. 


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