Diary of a Hack: Day Three

"What fresh hell is this?"

 That wonderful quote from Dorothy Parker kept running through my mind this morning. It echoed in my head as I dialed the number for the FBI Detroit Field Office. And then the Secret Service. And then the FTC.

(I should mention that the Secret Service wasn't answering their phone this  morning, at least not before 9:30 a.m. What's that about? Was national security taking a furlough day?)

 Dorothy's words were still rumbling around when I went online to file a formal complaint of corporate identity theft at cybercrime.gov. And then IC3.gov/complaint, which turns out to be a partnership between the FBI and a couple of government agencies I'd never heard of.

 Over the years, I've started work days in lots of different ways. With breakfast meetings. Showdowns with creative director bullies. Pre-dawn flights to interview CEOs and boy-genius product engineers. Relaxed water cooler chat. Creative conferences. And quiet, blessed, uninterrupted hours of writing.

But never have I started a day wondering how many people would be targeted on this particular day by someone using my name to steal data and dollars and possibly even plant malware.

 They're not hackers or scammers or fraudsters. They're terrorists. Creating little bits of hell on earth wherever they go.

Well, tomorrow is another day--bringing with it not only the possibility of another fresh hell but also the equally strong possibility that investigations will begin and the wheels of justice will start turning, however slowly.

As positive thinking goes, it's not much. But it will have to do for now. 

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