"Market the book proposal, not the book."

The title of this posting is borrowed from author and literary consultant Mark Shaw. It was Mark who convinced me to stop expecting a puny one-page query letter to sell my novel and, instead, do the hard work of writing a book proposal (a.k.a. marketing platform).

I confess to harboring doubts at first. But they disappeared quickly as it became apparent that agents really do read book proposals--even unsolicited book proposals. The rejections I received began to take on a very different tone. They were repectful, thoughtful and on occasion regretful that the "match" wasn't quite right.

And on the day this blog was launched, in a sweet example of serendipity, an agent requested the first 50 pages of my manuscript.

I've studied a lot of books, articles and websites, all purporting to offer guidelines for the ultimate, fail-proof book proposal. But Mark Shaw tops them all in clarity, flow and overall impact.

So if you happen to be marketing a book, fiction or non-fiction, may I suggest you spend some time at http://authorwantabes.markshawbooks.net/how-to-become-published-step-seven/.


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