Rest In Peace, Robert

This morning's NPR newscast was particularly bleak. There was the continuing horror of Haiti, complicated now by a wickedly strong aftershock. There was the passing of Ted Kennedy's Senate seat to a former Cosmo centerfold, a gift to America from the enlightened voters of Massachusetts.

And then there was the startling announcement that Robert Parker had died suddenly at his writing desk.

Robert Parker. Dead.

Impossible to think that we'll never again be treated to "the newest" Spenser novel.  Because Parker was not only prolific but endlessly entertaining, readers knew they could count on him for a good tale--every time. And always with the moral undertone that marked a true heir to Chandler and Hammett and (Ross) McDonald. 

But if he had to go, it's hard to think of a better, kinder, easier way to leave: at his writing desk.

 Godspeed, Robert. You'll be missed. 

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