A Word from Wayne

Every now and then the Universe drops a little gift in my lap. Or, in this case, on the floor of my office. Today's present must have been dislodged a few days ago when I was cleaning off my desk.

Somehow the tattered little bits of paper became wedged under one of the desk legs, in the shadows. And this morning, for whatever reason, I noticed them. Or maybe they chose to draw my attention.

 Whatever the cause and effect, it turned out to be a list of "How To's" from an ancient presentation by Wayne Dyer. Normally, I'm not a big fan of his. But  what he said must have impressed me at the time, because I took notes.

 In some native cultures, there's a rule that "the gift must always move." I believe that . So, in the spirit of keeping the gift moving, and with apologies to those of you who prefer to steer clear of what my friend Judy refers to as Woo-Woo Land, here are Wayne's rules for life-- some of them pretty good, most of them things you already know, and all of them hard to do on a continual basis:

  1. Want more for others than you want for yourself.
  2. Think from the end, believe "It's already here."
  3. Be an appreciator.
  4. Seek out that which is valuable rather than that which is worthless.  
  5. Stay in rapport with Source energy. Your job here is to be in harmony with life.
  6. Understand resistance and know that every inharmonious thought takes you away from the truth.
  7. Never forget that you are one with the Source.
  8. Understand the art of allowing yourself to take the path of least resistance and pull energy from the Source on your way.
  9. Practice radical humility.
  10. Remember that you are not your body.
  11. Be in a constant state of gratitude; be always generous and appreciative. 
  12. Remind yourself that you can never resolve a problem by condemning it; shame is the lowest form of energy.
  13. Play the Match Game: am I matched up with the larger field of intention?
  14. Meditate.
  15. Throughout the day, remind yourself to stay connected to the Source.

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